Trending displays provide a powerful means of displaying, evaluating and selecting data for further processing or analysis.

    • Data is displayed either in real time or replayed directly into the Trend displays from existing log files.
    • MDI (Multiple Document Interface), is used to present the real time Trends. This means a number of separate Trends can be displayed on the screen simultaneously.
    • Support for up to 32 channels of both analog and digital data in each Trend
    • Single click pan and zoom make it simple to isolate specific areas of interest.
    • ActiveX Document support allow clients to view trends in Web browser
    • Data can be highlighted and exported into other analysis packages.
    • Display and entry of current and historical operator text logs
    • Trend displays can be of any length from a few seconds to many years (depending on the disk space available).
    • Trends Wizard makes it easy to configure a data logger and a Trend display.



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