The Product has been designed with openness and connectivity in mind and supports the following standards:


OPC (OLE for Process Control) is an industry standard created with the collaboration of a number a leading worldwide automation software and hardware suppliers working in cooperation with Microsoft. This standard is designed to allow  multi-vendor systems to seamlessly share real-time and historical data. 

    • OPC Data Access Client as standard allowing data from 3rd party OPC systems to be acquired seamlessly.
    • OPC Data Access Server (optional ) allows 3rd party OPC client Applications to connect to real-time Orchestrator data. 


Open Database Connectivity standard.

    • ODBC Driver (optional) allows users to import/export configuration and real-time data from Orchestrator to/from standard databases such as Access, Oracle and SQL Server.


Dynamic Data Exchange enables data to be connected in real time to other Windows based software such as Lotus 123, Excel, Word or Access. Reports can be automatically generated and analysis can be carried out in a software environment with which the user is familiar with.

    • DDE Server and Client as standard.
    • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is built in to its architecture and requires no configuration.
    • Network DDE support with automatic installation of network DDE shares.



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