Display System


Configurable Display Monitor lets you develop the human machine interface (HMI) to your process and provides dynamic representation of the phenomena being monitored.

    • Full drawing and editing tools
    • Simple linking of dynamic objects to real time data
    • Suite of real-time instrumentation ActiveX controls with the ability to customize the attributes of each item. These controls include:
        • Angular Gauges
        • Control Knobs
        • Linear Gauges
        • Numeric LEDs
        • Selectors
        • Sliders
        • Toggles
        • LEDs
        • Strip Chart
    • Navigation Buttons to access other monitors or run other task including trends, spreadsheets.
    • Switch easily between runtime and configure modes
    • MDI (Multiple Document Interface), is used to present the monitor. This means a number of separate monitors can be displayed on the screen simultaneously.
    • ActiveX Document technology allows clients to view monitors in Web browser



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