Alarm Processing and Management


The ability to handle alarms and events is a very important aspect of monitoring systems.

    • Each channel can be given a unique high and low event alarm condition .
    • Multiple alarms on same channel can be avoided with alarm hysteresis and alarm delay.
    • Each alarm condition can be given a priority (1-255) and associated block of text that is displayed in alarm conditions.
    • Alarm channels can be linked to a common alarm output channel for annunciation purposes, or to automatically switch off important parts of the process or the plant.
    • Multimedia Alarm annunciation including (Email, Pager, SMS, Audio, Printer)
    • The in-built alarm logger and printer records all alarms, the time they occurred and the time they were acknowledged.
    • Alarm Monitor supports MDI so different groups of alarms can be viewed in different windows.
    • Alarm Monitor features ActiveX Document technology which allows clients to view alarms in web browser
    • Alarms can be acknowledged independently or as a group.
    • Alarm windows can generate sound and keyboard beep if unacknowledged alarms are present.





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